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The Global Urgency for Energy Efficiency

In response to mounting environmental concerns and the urgent push for reduced carbon footprints, energy efficiency has become a worldwide priority. Nations globally are committing to ambitious net-zero goals, aiming to align energy consumption with sustainable practices.

As industries and infrastructure seek transformative solutions, lighting controls have become a pivotal force in the pursuit of efficiency.Advanced lighting controls stand out as a widely adopted solution, holding the potential to revolutionize energy and operational management.


Navigating Lighting Control Challenges

1. Precise Switching
At the core of effective lighting controls lies the need for robust switching technology. Precise switching technology that can change the operational hours by a few minutes has a significant impact at scale.

Traditional time-based systems often fall short in adapting to dynamic environmental conditions which is critical for outdoor lighting. This leads to inefficiencies and energy wastage. KES recognizes this challenge and introduced the Nature Switch sensing technology that can distinguish between artificial light and natural sunlight. This ensures the operation is aligned with the sunlight to achieve functionality while optimizing the energy efficiency.

2. Reliable Design for Demanding Environments
The environments in which lighting controls operate are diverse and often challenging, posing a hurdle to their longevity and performance. Our dedication is to design solutions that endure the rigors of industrial settings, extreme temperatures, and electrical fluctuations. Nature Switch technology takes pride in proven lighting control systems that endure, providing consistent performance even in the harshest conditions.


Illuminating the Future with IoT

Enter the Internet of Things (IoT), a transformative force that propels lighting controls to unprecedented heights. By integrating IoT capabilities, our solutions transcend traditional control mechanisms.

Picture a lighting system that not only responds automates the operation but also learns, adapts, and communicates intelligently within a connected ecosystem.Real-time dashboards and data analytics offers insights into field assets at the click of a button. The benefits include:

Benefits of IoT-Enabled Lighting Controls

Adaptive Lighting Control

Adjust lighting conditions dynamically based on field requirements

Real-time Energy Monitoring

Gain insights into energy usage, identifying optimization opportunities and efficiency improvements

Operational Efficiency

Enrich maintenance teams with real-time alerts optimize their maintenance activity with relevant information and tools

Predictive Maintenance for Lighting Systems

Anticipate and address potential issues before they impact performance, ensuring uninterrupted operation

Extending Our Expertise to other Applications

The fundamental engineering principles that underpin our advanced lighting controls are not confined to illuminating spaces alone. KES extends its expertise to a spectrum of electrical applications, offering tailored solutions that optimize energy consumption, enhance operational efficiency, and bolster sustainability.

Our commitment to innovation reaches beyond lighting, contributing to the evolution of a smarter, more efficient electrical landscape.



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